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Couple Counselling

Couple counselling provides an environment where each person in the relationship can find a way of expressing themselves openly and honestly, exploring the causes of tension in their relationship. These tensions may be to do with money, expectations, lack of real opportunities for intimacy and time together. If there has been a previous unresolved issue, this can create a lack of trust or just provide the ammunition to accuse and blame.

In today’s hectic lifestyle the demands of children, employers and family can exert additional pressure. If the couple are experiencing financial difficulties, this can add to the stress each of them lives with. Two stressed people, each with their own worries can quickly lose sight of their priorities and descend into mutual blaming.

It might seem obvious that unless couples have the ability to address and resolve these questions they can have a corrosive effect and lead to a situation where each partner harbours resentment. If these issues remain unresolved they can fester and poison the best of relationships.

When these issues are addressed and resolved, it can allow the couple to concentrate on the creation of a stable and mutually supportive relationship.

Almost every couple, when they start out on their relationship, are usually close and loving. We can help them discover and discuss the factors that created the distance between them, and help them rediscover their love and respect for each other.