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Psychotherapy is a form of counselling that encourages the participant to explore and understand the causes and effects of their feelings, behaviours and beliefs.

For many people, the journey into Psychotherapy can be daunting. They may fear what they uncover, or they may fear that they will never be liberated from the anxieties they endure.

For some people the origin lies in the past. Events and incidents they have been involved in, or experiences that have served to shape and mould their current view of themselves and their situation. Whatever it might be, the psychotherapist is there to gently and supportively enable them to view these experiences and to gain a new perspective of them and learn to move on.

For others the origin may be current. They may be in the wrong job or in an unhealthy relationship. They may be enduring intolerable levels of stress or have become addicted to unhelpful behaviours or substances. Some might believe they are trapped and can see no way out.

Psychotherapy seeks to empower the individual to learn their own ways of coping, managing and flourishing. To help you make the links between personal history and current feelings and to ensure you develop the emotional and mental tools to manage your feelings, behaviours and responses.

Psychotherapy is open ended. You may take part in a few sessions, and then spend some time developing new responses and behaviours. It can last a long time and give you, on a regular basis, the time and opportunity to examine and resolve your negative feelings.

The service is absolutely confidential.