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School Counselling


In society today, our children experience enormous pressure. Pressure to conform to standards of attraction, peer pressure, pressure to succeed at school, pressure to experiment and pressure from parents. in addition to this, society has become less safe for children to play, to wander off and enjoy the freedom of the environment. Real or imagined, children feel less safe and parents are less willing to allow their children to experience risks. The boundaries within which we allow our children to operate have become more constrained.

Ask a fifty year old about their childhood and you'll find they went off and played in woods or in the street. They would spend summer holidays outside playing for hours without an adult in sight. Today, our children are unlikely to play without adult supervision.

In addition to this many children live with parents who may have a range of needs. Addictions, poverty, sole parenting and in some cases, physical and psychiatric needs that mean the young person can become the main carer. Marital break ups, career moves by parents can disrupt children in a way that they may be unable, or unwilling to articulate.

So, how do children find a way to discuss their fears and worries? Not with the people they may already be fearful of. Teachers are often the first point of contact for children who are struggling. And teachers are often the people to spot the problem in the first place.

Parents often become aware that ‘all is not well’ and will do their best. But if a child is being bullied at school for example, they may be reluctant to discuss it in case the parent, in order to protect them, intervene at the school and the child fears it will make it worse.

In more serious situations the child may be fearful at home. A place that is meant to be safe and secure can, in some cases, be the opposite.

Counselling for children can allow the young person to explore their feelings in a safe environment with a counsellor who will help them articulate their feelings and assist them in discovering ways of expressing their feelings and helping to find answers. Confidentiality is assured and the only exception to this is where the young person is at risk from harm or they represent a risk to themselves. in this case a negotiated and acceptable resolution will be sought.

At we are able to provide supportive and confidential counselling for children. All counsellors are accredited, carry professional indemnity insurance and are registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

We have counsellors in Fife and Tayside and will be starting services in central and Edinburgh shortly.