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Childrens Counselling Service

Our organisation aims to ensure that those children who ‘suffer in silence’ are given the opportunity to receive counselling and support as and when they feel they are no longer coping, or need a means of talking through the things that concern them.

Children who enjoy a good relationship with their parents may well have routes to resolution. For some it will be the obvious answer. Many parents however have their own issues and perhaps find the idea of these conversations uncomfortable.

Among the many pressures children feel today, some are appropriate to discuss within the school context, for example bullying, exam anxiety or absenteeism, however the school environment may be the last place children feel safe and may well be the cause of the anxiety.

Among the other pressures children find themselves experiencing can include: Peer pressure to take part in anti social acts, drug and alcohol use, sexual activity and so on. As well as external pressure they may have internalised pressure like fear of failure, strained relationships with family or siblings, issues with image and the subsequent disorders with eating.

The lack of facilities where children can express them selves and the absence of the provision they offered means that for many of Scotland's children, personal development takes place exclusively among their peers. This is healthy if it takes place among positive learning experiences such as a well run school. For many however school can become a place they endure rather than enjoy. This can be as a result of parental attitudes or poor school experience of the individual. So for many that phase of positive personal development can be absent.

Young people who miss out on a positive experience with an adult role model often have little or no idea how to conduct themselves as adults and remain excluded adolescents, often into their adult lives. .

We believe that the provision of a credible counselling service for children can and will enable those who use it to manage their fears more constructively, to resolve their issues and create positive pathways for themselves. in addition, for some it will bean opportunity to engage with an adult who takes what they feel and think seriously and is prepared to offer them support and direction.

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